Capabilities: Fabrication

Capabilities: Fabrication

Mid-States Aluminum Corporation’s secondary processes enable us to be your single-source supplier.

We realize you are continuously looking for increased value. From light fabrication work to complex CNC machining; small-quantity prototyping to high-volume production, we go beyond simple “value-added” manufacturing in many ways.

The following is a sample of our in-house capabilities:

  • Precision cutting, miter-cutting, V-notching
  • Punching (150 ton presses with 126″ beds)
  • CNC vertical machining (up to 144" lengths)
  • CNC horizontal machining (up to 40" lengths)
  • Drilling/Tapping/Countersink/Counterbore
  • Deburring
  • Roll bending
  • Robotic machining cells
  • Hardware insertion (clinch studs & nuts, heli-coils, riveting)

We are able to provide single-source extrusion, fabrication, anodizing and assembly. That means fewer steps for you to manage, greater cost controls through reduced inventories, quality improvement through our extensive product knowledge and overall lead-time reduction through our lean manufacturing principles. We are able to deliver a product that is ready to enter your primary production stream.

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