Capabilities: Assembly

Capabilities: Assembly

Mid-States Aluminum Corp. brings it all together.

An important part of the total value we’re able to offer is in final assembly. Using lean principles, we’re able to maximize product flow, managing simple to complex part assemblies. The end result is an extruded aluminum product that is clean, finished and ready to enter your production flow.

Since we’re already handling your part, often this light assembly proves to be more economical for you. In addition, our engineering team can develop an assembly and packaging process that fits with your internal production needs.

Our assembly capabilities include:

  • Riveting or screwing components to an extrusion (stoppers, end caps, plates, brackets)
  • Assembling two mating parts together (snap-fit, telescoping or interlocking extrusions)
  • Riveting, staking and fastening several extrusions together
  • Addition of seals and gaskets
  • Plastic component assembly

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