Providing you the greatest value in design and manufacture.

Whether you have a new design, or are exploring cost-saving options, Mid-States Aluminum Corporation strives to provide the greatest benefit to you. Our team is able to provide complete value analysis assistance, incorporating our knowledge of aluminum extrusion and manufacturing processes. We will suggest design enhancements utilizing CAD technology, lean manufacturing principles and our prototype development services.

Evaluating the manufacturing cycle

Mid-States Aluminum focuses on more than one small aspect of your application. Our extensive capabilities include extrusion, fabrication, machining, tooling, anodizing and assembly. Our experienced engineering team is able to analyze the entire manufacturing cycle and identify efficiencies and opportunities from a macro perspective.

We can partner in design and development

Often one small change in an extrusion profile can have a major impact on downstream fabrication processes. By involving our engineering team early on, we’re able to work with you to identify challenges, and potentially modify a feature or element that can simplify your processes, saving you money in the long run.

We excel when we’re able to understand your application, how the extruded component interacts with other components and the functionality of your finished product. By understanding your application thoroughly and early in the process, we can help develop cost-effective solutions, including:

  • Reducing material content of your extrusion design
  • Improving the flexibility and functionality of your design
  • Integrating other components into a single extrusion
  • Reducing secondary manufacturing operations
  • Improving efficiency in assembly processes
  • Eliminating potential waste

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