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Our focus on safety demonstrates our commitment to associates.

At Mid-States Aluminum Corp., safety is our number one priority. We provide the development and training needed for a safe environment which in turn shows how much we care about the welfare of our employees, as well as their importance in our company's overall growth.

Starting on the first day of employment, we provide orientation and training on safety and health, with additional training throughout the year on subjects such as First Aid, Hazardous Communication and Fire and Emergency. Each department has a safety team that meets monthly to proactively address areas of improvement. In addition, a plant-wide safety committee comprised of senior leadership, shop team-leaders and floor associates meets bi-monthly to address safety in a proactive manner.

Associates are empowered to change a process, improve a job or stop a machine to ensure the safety of all. This approach creates an environment of empowerment and accountability, which rewards individuals and aids in overall company safety.

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Mid-States Aluminum Corp. is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or on the basis of any other protected status in accordance with the requirements of applicable local, state and federal laws.