What you should know about Mid-States Aluminum Corp.

Mid-States Aluminum Corp. operates from a 250,000 square foot facility that is continually reviewed and improved for greater manufacturing efficiency.

We engage a team of people who really do work as a team. From the front line sales force, to the internal customer service team, to our engineering and manufacturing teams everyone is there to do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. Our associates are trained in Lean Six Sigma principles and Mid-States Aluminum is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

To understand what makes Mid-States Aluminum truly different, consider our customers — both internal and external.

Our external customers are manufacturers who are being pressed from all sides to deliver better products on ever-shortening lead-times. They may have experienced internal cut-backs, leaving them with fewer people to do the same volume of work. Or, they may just be up against a wall, looking for a vendor partner that they can rely on to bring fresh thinking to the table.

Our internal customers include our management team, a group of entrepreneurs who have a passion for doing great work and inspiring others — from the floor to administrative support — to do the same. It’s experienced engineers who’ve spent years looking for a company that would respect their experience and would be able to challenge them daily. And, it’s new team members who bring with them a desire to learn and contribute, and who are able to share new ideas every day.

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